KYB Shock Absorbers

Your car’s shock absorbers are important not only to smooth out the bumps and vibrations when driving, they also ensure your tyres remain in contact with the road surface at all times.

Better Brakes stock and recommend KYB shock absorbers to provide the safest control and braking response from your car. KYB is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of shock absorbers, supplying around 50 million equipment shocks annually to world leading vehicle manufacturers.

KYB’s dedication to high level technology, manufacturing and product quality is why Better Brakes guarantee excellent shock absorbers for your vehicle. The KYB range also offers oil and gas shock absorbers, and high pressure mono-tubes for more demanding driving.

Better Brakes provide KYB original equipment (OE) replacement shock absorbers as well as performance upgrade shock absorbers.

Excel-G Shock Absorbers

The Excel-G shock absorbers are the most popular KYB series in the world designed to compensate for wear in other suspension parts and the absolute best product to restore original handling and control while still providing superior handling and comfort.

The twin tube gas shock absorbers, struts and cartridges make the Excel-G range suitable for all makes of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The engineering of all Excel-G shock absorbers and struts incorporate advanced 3 stage compression and rebound valving, and pressurised nitrogen gas, for providing exceptional ride comfort while dramatically reducing aeration and foaming that commonly results to suspension fade.

Gas-A-Just Shock Absorbers

The KYB Gas-A-Just Shock Absorbers range are designed for cars requiring precise control and a high coefficient of traction with any road surface. These self-adjustable mono-tube shock absorbers minimise bounce and sway ensuring superior steering and cornering response. The specifically designed system combines high pressurised nitrogen gas with all weather fluid providing the ideal shock absorber for both standard and performance vehicles.

Premium Oil-Only Shock Absorbers

The KYB Premium range are oil-only shock absorbers to provide superior on-road performance for the most demanding drivers. The advanced manufacturing technology and quality control of the Premium Shock Absorbers delivers better steering, consistent road control and comfort, with the added benefit in compensating for accumulated wear and tear providing a prolonged service life.

Skorched4’s 4WD Shock Absorber

The KYB Skorched4’s shock absorber is specially designed for 4WD touring and testing in our unique Australian conditions, while maintaining excellent on road performance. Specifically engineered with a large 35mm bore, all Skorched4’s shock absorbers are matched to industry leading coil and leaf springs providing extra wheel travel of up to 30-35mm for lifted vehicles in line with industry national code of practice.

The reinforced metal housings with two-pipe design provides reliable protection against off-road damage. An increase in cylinder, piston and rod diameter maximises the volume of fluid inside the Skorched4’s shock absorber to allow efficient heat dissipation during intense off-road operation, reducing aeration and suspension fade.

Tena Force Heavy-Duty

Specifically engineered as a heavy-duty upgrade from Original Equipment, the Tena Force shock absorber range are designed for vehicles that have had coil and leaf springs enhanced to carry or tow heavier loads.

The increase oil capacity minimises overheating and suspension fade, whilst the valve calibration is 20% to 35% higher and firmer for both compression and rebound movements compared to Original Equipment.

New SR Special Shock Absorbers

The New SR Special shock absorbers technology self-adjusts achieving superior damping forces compared to Original Equipment by reducing unwanted vehicle body roll, pitch and nose diving. The superior performance of the New SR Special shock absorbers will see your vehicle demonstrate better handling response, greater stability and shorter braking distances.

Extage Luxury Car Shock Absorber

Developed as the premier brand to be used exclusively in next generation luxury cars, the KYB Extage shock absorbers range are designed for urban roads providing overall comfort and stability performance while maintaining a sporty reaction for luxury cars.

The multi-stage damping adjustment mechanism adapts to match the unique characteristics of the luxury vehicle.

AGX - Adjustable Gas Shocks

The KYB AGX shock absorber range is a special series of adjustable two-tube shock absorbers with a convenient external dial for simple hand adjustment of the damping forces to suit your driving conditions: drag strip, cruising or high speed driving. There is no need to remove parts of lift the vehicle.

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