Flywheel Machining

The flywheel is an important component in manual transmission vehicles

Better Brakes specialise in stepped, flat and recessed flywheel machining to suit all vehicle makes and models, from everyday passenger cars, 4WD and small trucks.

All our specialised equipment provide precision machining and accurate data and testing to ensure your flywheel surface is smooth and in perfect working order. We also provide flywheel lightening machining services giving you a flywheel with faster acceleration and response, particularly useful for motor sport vehicles or those who want a powerful throttle.

Your vehicle’s flywheel should be machined or replaced every time your clutch is repaired or replaced as many manufacturer’s will refuse warranty claims if this is not done. A worn or badly damaged flywheel will often lead to expensive clutch repairs.

Flywheel Wear & Tear

Transferring the power from the engine to the clutch as well as balancing the engine as the crankshaft spins many thousands of revolutions per minute. Therefore, your flywheel must be perfectly flat as it meets the clutch or problems will start to arise such as transmission vibration or clutch damage.

Signs your flywheel may need to be machined include glazing or discolouration, uneven wear or ‘cupping’. Flywheel glazing or discolouration are common minor wear and tear signs but may prevent the flywheel from meeting the clutch smoothly.

‘Cupping’ results from the interior surface of the flywheel being worn down by constant contact with the clutch, whilst uneven wear may indicate misalignment between parts. Our technicians at Better Brakes can advise you on whether flywheel machining is suitable or not for your flywheels saving you money from costly flywheel replacements. Cracked flywheels are very unsafe and should not be machined, instead they must be replaced immediately.

Flywheel Resurfacing

Flywheel machining requires specialised equipment and trained technicians. Improper resurfacing can actually cause more damage putting your safety at risk. Our experienced technicians at Better Brakes will inspect your flywheel for cracks or for severe wear on your flywheel to see if replacement is advised. If your flywheel can be machined our technicians will carry out this process complying with manufacturer’s specifications using precision equipment to guarantee the flywheel is perfectly flat

Not sure if your flywheel is running smoothly with your clutch, or need it checked for any imperfections? Better Brakes will make sure your flywheel is safe and up to scratch and can custom machine your flywheel to your vehicle specifications

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