Disc & Drum Machining

While Better Brakes sell replacement brake disc and drum parts, we also provide brake disc and drum machining service which can extend the life of your disc/drum which can provide a cost saving than replacement.

Wear & Tear on Brake Parts

Every time you use your brakes, wear and tear will occur on the brake disc/drum. Cracks may form from heat, rust or mineral deposits may form on the surface, and uneven wearing of the surface may occur from inconsistent force applied to the brakes.

If detected early, minor imperfections can be corrected with machining resulting in almost new disc/drum surfaces and avoiding the higher cost of replacements. Also, if only one brake disc/drum is affected and the rest and nearly perfect, machining may be recommended as discs/drums should be replaced in pairs to ensure even braking that doesn’t pull to one side.

Disc & Drum Repairs

Our technicians at Better Brakes will begin by measuring the thickness of the brake discs or drums and check these measurements with the manufacturer’s specifications, usually found on the disc/drum, or easily attainable on manufacturer’s websites. If machining will cause the disc/drum thickness to fall below standard minimum, Better Brakes will not machine them and recommend replacement.

If machining keeps your disc/drums within manufacturer’s thickness specifications, our technicians will use a specialised lathe to cut a very thin layer off and smooth your disc/drums creating a new contact surface for your brakes resulting in an optimal level of friction. The added benefit is your brake pads will wear down less from a brand new disc/drum surface.

As a cost effective alternative to buying new parts, Better Brakes can custom machine your disc and drum parts to your vehicle specifications

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