Rubber and Braided Brake Hoses

Your car’s brake hose is one of the most critical component to the overall safety of your vehicle.

As soon as you notice any difficulty in braking, wearing of your brake hose or fluid loss from your vehicle it is time to get your brakes checked and replaced with high quality parts.

​We can custom make Brake & Clutch Pipes, Brake & Clutch Hoses in rubber & stainless steel braid. All are ADR approved.  We can even make and flare brake pipes to your specifications.

Brake Hose Manufacturing

Better Brakes offer both traditional rubber brake hoses as well as stainless steel braided brake hoses. Our workshop has the ability to manufacture the enormous different types of brake hose end fittings to suit your vehicle needs.

Not sure what replacement hose you need? Bring in the old hose to the Better Brakes workshop and we will make sure we make the right hose for you.

Our rubber brake hoses are made of high quality Nylon inner providing a reliable and cost effective brake hose for all vehicles. However for the highest reliability we highly recommend upgrading to a braided brake hose.

Braided Brake Hoses

Want a superior brake hose meeting the New Industry Standard and to invest in your safety?

Choose street-legal stainless steel braided brake hoses made by Better Brakes!

Upgrade your rubber brake hoses

Rubber brake hoses have a shorter working life span of around 6 years. Rubber is prone to cracking, fracturing, swelling, blocking, blistering and perishing, resulting in a safety hazard. Even though the rubber may look fine on the outside, the inner lining could be deteriorating compromising your safety on the road. High operating temperatures, contaminants in brake fluid, moisture and excessive sudden breaking can accelerate the deterioration of your rubber brake hose.

Better Brakes are an authorised manufacturer of braided brake hoses designed by BrakeQuip, one of the world leaders in brake hose manufacturing technology. Our workshop can make custom street-legal, stainless steel, braided brake hoses complying with the requirements of the Australian Design Rule ADR 42/04. All our brake hoses use genuine BrakeQuip components only to guarantee the highest quality grade product and service. Made in house, we can supply your brake hose on the same day.

Braided brake hoses provide immediate brake pedal response and increased braking efficiency. They are compatible with all brake fluids, and abrasion and corrosion resistant. They also come in a wide range of hose and collar colours giving you the choice in showing off your vehicle’s personality without compromising on safety.

Need a custom made brake hose?

Contact us at Better Brakes, or visit our store in Bayswater.